Where DO I find black talent from?

Before I even begun casting I'd lost the lead actor and he was a professional. So now I got to figure out how I find talent to come in for my auditions, in Farnworth for free.

I’m old school, I do not do snap talks, head books or Instaphones.  I like to speak to people, get to know them, have a chat, talks, talks some more, okay so basically just talking and I don’t have a smart phone. And so the problem arises that I feel disconnected once the process features taped auditions, line-ups and rehearsed readings of pre-selected texts.


What does this mean? I have no lead actor and all the casting calls I post, do nothing.


The fact is, finding a black actor in the north west is hard, they must be in high demand, the good ones, that know people, and can afford to take risk on voluntary opportunities to build their experience, contacts and show-reel.


The few online websites I could find, did not allow me to specify that the role was for a black male, consequently actors who where not black were applying, whilst black men were not.


Facebook seems to be the Modus operandi for casting, pretty much everyone I spoke to advised me to use Facebook. Did I mention that I don’t have a smartphone?

Student problems?

Industry Problems

The problem is this. If no one is casting black actors, why would they bother to leave the low paid jobs they no doubt only can get and risk trying to get work that doesn’t pay that no one is giving them? Okay so now here is my problem and I am struggling to see how this will change in the future.