Dale Edwards

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My name is Dale, I write stuff then bring it to life. This is my website it’s still being made but you can see the projects I’m currently involved in.

Now that we’ve gotten the token professional header out of the way: I am a maker who makes work for making sake. I am a writer who writes words to move emotions. I am an artist who rebels out of respect for it’s history. I am that I am, or something like that.

I am currently freelancing in whatever I can find from UOB in Bolton, UK. I enjoy it quite a bit. It’s a good thing I think that I found a place like this.

I am a lover of the written word, cinema, philosophy, history, art, and childish energy (see photo).

I started my career as a creative writer (you can see me doing my thing in the photo gallery), but transitioned to making a few years ago. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. It actually plays to my strengths.


Dale Edwards is a Film and Theatre maker from Greater Manchester, a recent graduate of UOB’s prestigious Theatre and Performance course, where he was mentored by David Thacker and previously the Manchester Film School, where we worked as an A.D on several of their award winning films. Before obtaining a BA (hons) , Dale worked as a labourer, plasterer and salesperson at various low paid jobs and was considered by his family and friends a waste of time and space. As a freelance maker he has worked on T.V dramas, commercials, feature films, short films and theatre shows, including the National Theatre production,

As to date I am the epitome of the problem with diversity in the industry…I’ll keep you posted, if you keep tabs on my blog.

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