Dale Edwards

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My name is Dale, I write stuff then bring it to life. This is my website it’s still being made but you can see the projects I’m currently involved in.

I am a maker who makes work for making sake. I am a writer who writes words to move emotions. I am an artist who rebels out of respect for it’s history. I am that I am, or something like that.

I am a lover of the written word, cinema, philosophy, history, art, and childish energy (see photo).

I started my career as a creative writer , but transitioned to making a few years ago. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. It actually plays to my strengths.

Currently freelancing in whatever I can find from Bolton, UK. I enjoy it quite a bit. It’s a good thing I think that I found a place like this.

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Winter is near…

Newsflash………… Currently setting up a new creative community interest company, watch this space! Posted on 25th of September by Dale...



Student Stuff

Theatre Things

Filmed For

"Video Art"

Writing Works


This is what I am up to at the moment.


I am setting up Community Interest Company based in Bolton.

Odd Arts

Company Training - October will find me training to work in the film production side of Odd Arts


After taking part in the years RTYDS directing residential at HOME. I am now preparing to apply for the 18 month directing placement.


I am in the midst of apply for funding to make a documentary about the homeless issues in Bolton.

Assistant Director

From the end of September, I will be working as an assistant director for DYSPLA Sunday Script Surgeries. The surgeries are held once a month.